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Pollution free environment in and around the center. Highest success rate. All invetsigations and treatments under one roof.

Safety & Precautions

All patients are tested for infections like HIV, Hepatitis B, C and other communicable diseases. DONORS are tested for all diseases.

Patients Speak

My father had undergone Treatment for Diabetes. They have given our dad to this world to live for us.

Patient Name,  Area

  • சர்க்கரை நோய் சிறப்பு மருத்துவம
  • பல் சிகிச்சை பிரிவு்
  • சர்க்கரை நோய் - ஆறாத கால் புண் சிறப்பு பிரிவு்
  • ஆண் / பெண் பாலியல் பிரிவு்
  • மணவாழ்க்கை சம்பந்தமான பிரச்சினைகளுக்கு தீர்வு
  • பாத எரிச்சல் பிரிவு்
  • பொது / அவசர சிகிச்சை மருத்துவ பிரிவு்
  • மூட்டுவலி, காய்ச்சல், வயிற்றுவலி்
  • காது, மூக்கு, தொண்டை பிரிவு்
  • அறுவை சிகிச்சை பிரிவு
  • பரிசோதனை கூடம
  • A/C அறுவை சிகிச்சை அரங்கம்

Our goal is to provide you with useful information about Diabetes and its complications. How to lead a healthy life with diabetes and prevent yourself from its complications. We hope we make it easier for you to understand Diabetes and prevent you from its dreadful complications.

Dr. M. G. Muthuvel Rabindran MBBS., Dip. A & E., D. Diab., M. Diab(Diabetology)., MSV Reproductive Sexual Medicine., from 1990, started his carrier in Meenakshi Mission Hospital (4 ½ yrs) in various departments including ICU & Casuality. Then after, at Apollo Speciality Hospital, Madurai (4 ½ yrs) in Emergency Room & ICU. After Completing PG Degree in Diabetology & Sexology from Annamalai University started AIRO Diabetes Speciality Hospital has been serving the community since 2002. We specialize in management of Diabetes and its complications as well as various treatments like dental treatments, ENt problems etc., At this site, you will discover all about our services to humanity, as well as our courteous and resourceful activities.

The centre takes pride in providing advanced level of diagnostic and diabetic services in the field of vitreous and retinal diseases, and is equipped with facilities for Sensitometer, Vascular Doppler Study Machine, Foot Care Lab, Diabetic Indused Skin, Sexology, Polyneuropathy, Vascular Problems, Neuro Problems, Foot Care Problems and Joint Problems.

With the latest technology and treatment options, we can provide the highest level of care for your health.


For any further clarifications please feel free to call us. Waiting to offer our service for all your requirements & needs at all times.